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Tracks & Rollers

We offer an inline out of site track system, this track system is strong and secure. It is supplied to you flush as standard, however it can incorporate a sill. All our running gear is concealed and is resistant to attack from potential intruders. You should be very cautious when choosing.

You should be very cautious when choosing your door system as the track is a vital part of the security of your door. If an intruder can get access to the track, they have easy access to your home with the simple lift of a crow bar. These systems can only be inward opening. Many of these door systems do not have a water resistant flush track option.

There are threshold details to suit all applications. Some people prefer a step on the inside and outside, some prefer a step on the outside only.

But for the many, they prefer flush threshold that blends the inside floor with the outside floor, especially those with children, elderly or someone in a wheel chair.

Nearly all folding sliding doors are simple to operate, however, some systems have their little quirks. For the most part this is down to the running or rolling gear that is fitted to the system.

We use stainless steel wheels to prevent problems. The wheels have sealed bearings for maintenance free use, they operate quietly, smoothly and contrary to what our competitors say, they do not wear the track. We have doors that have been in our showroom for over 3 years and the doors still run as smoothly as the day they were installed. Bearing in mind that our showroom doors have been opened and closed approximately 20 times every day for over 3 years.