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Thermal Efficiency

To reduce the amount of thermal loss from the inside of your property, all of our systems have been thermal simulated to indicate the true thermal value. The aluminium in our systems is thermally broken, all of our systems are double glazed with Low-E glass and we have tested for water ingress and air permeability.

The thermal rating of a window or door is measured in U-Values, the lower the U-Value the better the rating.

Many companies will give you a U-Value based on the center pane value or the U-Value of the glass. This value will always be lower than the actual value of the window or door.


Our laminated timber door has a U-Value of 1.4 or A rated on an energy chart, this is because timber is one of the most thermally efficient materials used in the glazing industry, Aluminium is not so efficient. Bear this in mind, as some companies will tell you that their aluminium system has a U-Value of 1.3 or, better than an A rating?