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The question now is, how do you open that space in your home to incorporate a folding sliding door?

The first thing that you need is an opening to accommodate the door. The opening must be of sound structure to allow the door to be installed correctly.

The opening walls and floor can be constructed from structural timber, steel, brick, concrete or concrete block. Thermalite, cinder blocks or breeze blocks are not suitable to obtain a firm structural fixing.

The head of the opening must be constructed from steel, structural timber or concrete. Light metal lintels and timber sub-frames are not suitable to obtain a firm structural fixing.

The next step is to measure your opening. This must be done from side to side and top to bottom. Always allow 20mm tolerance in your measurements. It is advisable to use a large spirit level to check the opening as an opening that is not level can effect your measurement.

When deciding the way that you would like your threshold to be situated, always make allowances in your measurement to accommodate the bottom track. Note: the frame height includes the bottom track. Once you have your opening size you need to decide which direction you would like you door to fold and if you would like it to fold to the left or to the right or both.

Folding sliding doors are available made to your measurements and can be up to 3000mm high and 10000mm wide. The maximum panel width being 1000mm.

Folding sliding doors are always viewed from the inside, so when ordering always give the opening direction of your door as you look at it from the inside.

We do carry out a survey service for our entire product range plus most out-sourced products, if an order is placed for both product and installation the survey will be fully reimbursed.